Allure Magnified |Allure #2| Signed Print Copy

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Allure Magnified |Allure #2| Signed Print Copy

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Genre Erotica/ Contemporary Romance

Publication Date 12/27/12

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new_am“He ripped me apart, holding the pieces of me wide open so that he could get inside every part of me.”

It’s been four months since Demitra Davis ended up entangled in the most complicated situation she’d ever thought to find herself in. A situation she isn’t keen to get herself out of. Her now ex-boss, Dorian Sorrenson, is too delicious for her to want to pull herself away from. Yes, he’s also almost eleven years older, but there was no way Demitra could stop herself from being attracted to him.

“He’d tainted my code, covered my molecules in him, and bonded me to him. Irrevocably.”

Their passion continues to escalate, as well as the feelings they both have for each other. What neither of them planned on was the spite of Dorian’s ex-lover, and how far she’d be willing to go to stir up problems for the two of them. Demitra is worried that their burgeoning relationship won’t be able to hold up under the stress. What she doesn’t count on is Dorian’s feelings for her and how far he is willing to go in order to keep her as his.

“There’s nothing I wouldn’t destroy, no one’s life I wouldn’t wreck, Demitra. I won’t let anyone else have you.”

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